Billy Bob's Car Wash: See The Difference


We’re committed to providing you quality service and becoming your go-to car wash when you need a quality shine!

For  most people, car washing and detailing is a burden. For us, it is a  passion! Let us take the stress and worry over your car's maintenance so  that you never have to worry about your car's appearence. You will  leave confident and happy that your shining car reflects your shining  personality.

We look forward to welcoming you into our establishment and into our family!

We’re committed to providing more than a car wash. We want to provide you a great experience!

From  the moment you pull into our lot you will see that we are no average  car wash! Our high tech equipment far surpasses our competitors. We use  the finest products and cleaning supplies in every wash and our  detailing service is outstanding.

Our  lobby is fully remodeled and caters to your needs: we have many  varieties of air fresheners, phone products, cleaning supplies, and  refreshments. We also have a high-definition television, comfortable  seats, and hot coffee to comfort you while you wait!   

Our Story


Long-time lovers of automobile care and cleanliness, Frank and Billy  are a family team dedicated to quality car cleanliness and top-tier  service with a smile.

From hand washing in driveways to the  beautiful Billy Bob's Car Wash and Detailing establishment located in  Cape May, NJ, Frank and Billy have years of experience and knowledge on  taking a dirty or dusty car and making it look years younger.

Come in and ask for Frank or Billy and get to know the new best team in town!

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